FreshPac is premium quality, non-GMO, all-natural alfalfa haylage for all types and sizes of animals.

FreshPac Alfalfa Haylage has gone through an all-natural, no-additive fermentation process to produce a consistent, dust-free, highly-digestible feed source.

Feeding Instructions

FreshPac is to be used to replace roughage in the diet. Intake depends on several factors like animal age, condition, and activity. Horses can use 1 – 1.5 pounds per day per hundred weight, small animals can use 2.5 pounds per hundred weight. When introduced into the diet start slowly and increase to the desired amount over 7+ days. Talk to your veterinarian for more animal-specific instructions. 

Product Care

Keep bag sealed to retain moisture. Do not puncture or rip the bag before use. Open from end to introduce less oxygen, roll end up after use to extend freshness and retain moisture. Once opened, treat as fresh product and store in a cool, dark place.